Two Boadiceas, One Cocktail

The rich history of Queen Boadicea is one Colchester should be proud of, Boadicea had a huge effect on the town and the BBC think so too. Colchester’s historic figure has recently been named the woman who had the fourteenth biggest impact on world history by BBC’s History Magazine readers. This astonishing accomplishment is one to celebrate, so here at Boadicea we are doing just that!

We have created an exclusive ‘Boadicea’ cocktail available for one night only and are giving women one free to rejoice over this exciting achievement. The night of Thursday 23rd August will be fuelled with cocktail celebrations to honour Boadicea’s fiery leadership and we are creating a roaring red cocktail to bring her memory to life.

Female empowerment is a hot topic and we want to highlight the importance of this. By celebrating Boadicea’s achievement, we are showing our full support for women everywhere and wish that everyone joins us to do the same.

Josh Campbell-Broome, the MD at Boadicea Bar and Restaurant said: “We are delighted about the recognition that Boadicea has received and wanted to do something to celebrate our namesake’s latest victory in style.

“Our cocktail has been made in her image and helps us honour a true female role model and the effect she has had on Colchester. Come and join us for a great evening and have a drink on us.”

Drinks Ts&Cs – The offer is only available to women on the 23rd August 2018 between 6pm and 11pm. This offer entitles female customers to one ‘Boadicea’ cocktail or a mocktail alternative, subject to availability.