The benefit of a good mixologist

Whether you’re Cosmopolitan, Old Fashioned or if you just like Pina Coladas, chances are the clink of ice against glass and the rattle of a cocktail shaker are familiar sounds on most visits to your favourite bar. At least, that’s what we hope is the case when you join us for drinks here at Boadicea Bar and Restaurant!

The wide-spread appeal of cocktails is undeniable; but an outstanding cocktail is much more than just a pretty face (or a pretty neon umbrella) – it’s an art form. And the artists? Mixologists. Mixology takes quality ingredients, pairs them with a passion and understanding of successful flavour combinations, and shakes, stirs and muddles to create delicious infusions worthy of a second (or third) round. As anyone who has ever asked for a cocktail recommendation, or has ordered off-menu will know, the presence of a quality mixologist will keep cocktail-lovers coming back time and time again.

By keeping this knowledge and talent in-house, a bar can cultivate creativity and encourage regular development of the drinks menu. Well-loved and staple classic recipes that can be consistently produced to a high standard by the bar staff will always have a place on any cocktail menu worth its salt (and shot of tequila and slice of lime). However, staff members with the knowledge and flair to adapt recipes into new and exciting concoctions will serve to keep the menu fresh and enticing – and ultimately, keep customers thirsty for more.

So, while we can’t promise Tom Cruise juggling bottles on a Jamaican beach (‘Cocktail’ – forever a classic movie!), at Boadicea Bar and Restaurant we can guarantee a delicious range of cocktails, expertly made, to quench your thirst.

Not only that, our cocktails are 2-for-1 all day on Monday-Wednesday, so what are you waiting for? Pop in for a refreshing start-of-the-week treat! And if you’re not sure what to choose? Speak to our knowledgeable team of bar staff for advice – only our ingredients should stay muddled!